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Date Posted

Super Glue Motin 401 Instant Glue
application: for bonder paper/wood/leather.

Wholesale Supplier of Super Glue Motin 401 Instant Glue: Jiangxi Gooz Adhesive Company
20 Aug 2015

Circular blades
1. Application: for cutting wood, plastics, rubber, paper, food, leather, electronics, fabrics...Etc. 2. For grooving and cutt.

Wholesale Supplier of Circular blades: Shandong Jinfu Tools Co., Ltd.
27 Mar 2015

Circular blades
Application: for cutting wood, plastics, rubber, paper, food, leather, electronics, fabrics...Etc.

Wholesale Supplier of Circular blades: Shandong Jinfu Tools Co., Ltd.
27 Mar 2015

1.25mm waterprooof cellulose insole board
Used for innersole of sports and leather shoes.

Wholesale Supplier of 1.25mm waterprooof cellulose insole board: Jinjiang Bubuxin Shoes Material Co., Ltd.
27 Mar 2015

Laser engraving machine vct-1309l
Vicut medium size laser cutting machine are mostly used in cutting fabric, leather, paper, wood, organic glass, rubber, plastic.

Wholesale Supplier of Laser engraving machine vct-1309l: Anhui William International Import & Export Co., Ltd.
07 Aug 2014

Thiourea dioxide
Tdo is a new kind of reducing agent.

Wholesale Supplier of Thiourea dioxide: Puyang Henvan Trading Co., Ltd.
16 Jul 2013

Leather dyes
Mainly used in leather.

Wholesale Supplier of Leather dyes: Hebei Youhao Chemical Co., Ltd.
20 Nov 2012

Textile dyes
Dyestuff used for textile.

Wholesale Supplier of Textile dyes: Hebei Youhao Chemical Co., Ltd.
20 Nov 2012

Caustic soda
Paper making, synthetic detergent, textile, printing & dyeing, petroleum refining, slurry for well-drilling and leather.

Wholesale Supplier of Caustic soda: Henan Allrich Chemical Co., Ltd
15 Feb 2012

Mirror roller
Mirror roller, high accuracy. 1m diametre, 10m length. For plastics, leather, paper, metal, film and so on.

Wholesale Supplier of Mirror roller: Shanghai Donghui Roller Machinery Co., Ltd.
16 May 2011

Laser cutting machine HZC-1280
Applicable materials: non-metal materials such as wood, paper, leather, fabrics, organic glass, epoxy resin , acrylic, wool.

Wholesale Supplier of Laser cutting machine HZC-1280: Artworld CN Enterprise Ltd.
26 Apr 2011

Laser cutting machine
Applicable materials: non-metal materials like wood, paper, leather, fabrics, organic glass, epoxy, acrylic, wool, plastic, rub.

Wholesale Supplier of Laser cutting machine: Artworld CN Enterprise Ltd.
18 Apr 2011

It is used as a filler in paper, leather, and linoleum.

Wholesale Supplier of Lithopone: Cangzhou Longteng Chemical Co., Ltd.
12 Apr 2011

Titanium dioxide
Coating, plastics, rubber, printing ink, high quality paper, waxed paper and leather finishes, cosmetics, ceramic, etc.

Wholesale Supplier of Titanium dioxide: Tianjin Wangde Chemical Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
29 Jan 2010

8-Hydroxyquinoline copper
Used for polyurethane plastics, leathers, paper, textiles, coatings, timer etc.

Wholesale Supplier of 8-Hydroxyquinoline copper: Shouguang Kuibao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
09 Oct 2009

Leatherette paper
Leather effect, elegant pattern, good endurance.

Wholesale Supplier of Leatherette paper: Shenzhen Hyacinth Industry Co., Ltd.
21 Aug 2009

Sulphur Black BR
Usage: sulfur dyes for textile, leather, denim, paper.

Wholesale Supplier of Sulphur Black BR: Hebei Jianglong Bicycle Co., Ltd.
11 Jun 2009

Sulphur Black BR
Usage: sulfur dyes for textile, leather, denim, paper.

Wholesale Supplier of Sulphur Black BR: Hebei Jianglong Bicycle Co., Ltd.
11 Jun 2009

Aluminium sulphate
Used in paper making, printing and dye, tanning leather, fire-fighting equipment, drug and wood preservation

Wholesale Supplier of Aluminium sulphate: Zibo Sanfeng Industry Co., Ltd
20 Jan 2009

Pearl pigment
Pearl luster pigment is friendly-environment inorganic pigment, can be used in cosmetic, coat, ink, leather, paper

Wholesale Supplier of Pearl pigment: Fuhong Enterprise
08 Oct 2008

Wenzhou Tengfei Luggage And Cases Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: Shopping bags, travel bags, sports bags, schoolbags, wallets;non woven bags, woven bags, paper bags, pvc bags, cotton bags, plastic bags, leather bags.

24 Sep 2007

Jiaxing Heasn Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: Hot stamping foil: for paper, textile or fabric, for leather for plastic

27 Aug 2007

Deqing Tongchem.Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: Stationery like various kind of pvc, pp, paper file folders, storage cabinets, photo frames, cd sleeves, notebooks, gift boxes, name-card volume, leather products

06 Jul 2007

Yiwu Han-yum Trade Co., Ltd
Wholesale Supplier of: Poly perfume bottle, poly incense burner, shopping bag (PP, Paper), fashion leather belt

09 May 2006

Hengmei Industries Company
Wholesale Supplier of: Providing hangbag, fashion bag, cd case, travel bag, organizer, paper bag, computer bag, leather goods

08 Jun 2005

Leather grain cover paper
Embossed card/cover stock provides extensive array of weights, colours, and textures.

Wholesale Supplier of Leather grain cover paper: Xinkenai Industrial Co., Ltd.
01 Jul 2011

Hot stamping foil
Hot stamping foil for paper, plastic, leather and textile.

Wholesale Supplier of Hot stamping foil: Bright Trading Co., Ltd
09 Jan 2008

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