RFQ for : Guar Gum Powder, posted by Importer from China
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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
12 Apr 2012

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sir,

We would like to import guar gum powder for oil drilling, minimum 2000 tons per year.

Please to inform us if suppliers are interested.

Contact details (only visible to Premium Members):

Kexxx Li

COMPANY : Shxxxxxx Saxxxx Imxxxx & Exxxxx Co., Ltx.
ADDRESS : No. 7xx Xixxx Roxx, Buxxx B, Roxx 101B,
PHONE : 8x-2x-6xxxxxxx,2xx
FAX : 8x-2x-6xxxxxxx,2xx
EMAIL : zxxxxxxxxxxx@sxxx.cxx


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Wholesale demand for : Guar Gum (RFQ / Buylead from United Arab Emirates)
21 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

We are interested to buy guar gum and want 1 container. Please quote FOB, CIF price and the delivery is required on Jebel Ali port.

Payment will be done through L/C and we are looking for suppliers from India.


Contact : I****   

18 Apr 2011
Dear Sir,

We are interested in buying the following products:

Products wanted: CMG (Car boxy Methyl Guar)
End use :- Diesel Slurry / Drilling Fluid / Fracturing Fluid
DS - as per your convenience.
Viscosity Range: 5000 - 8000 cps
Mesh Size: 200.

(2) Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Specification:
Products wanted: Fast Hydrating Guar gum Powder
Viscosity: 8000 cps
Mesh Size: 200
Packing: 1 Mt. Poly-woven Bag.
Ideal Hydration rates:
Looking for fast hydrating guar gum powder
on 30 ppt system
3 min - 40 cps
10 min - 44-45 cps.

(3) Fast Hydrating Oil & Drilling
We are looking around 6500 to 7000 cps or with fann 35 around 34-35 cps.

(4) Food Grade
we need 4000-4500 CPS Mesh 200 food grade guar gum.
Packaging 25 kg laminated PP bags with our label (palletized).

(5) Sodium Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose
Viscosity: 5000-5500
Ceramic grade.

If anyone is having all these products, then, please send all the details as soon as possible.

Ishit Pathak   

Wholesale demand for : Guar Gum Powder (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
15 Nov 2008
We require 2 container load of guar gum food grade, kosher certified. Please quote your best price CIF network.

Contact : Mac   




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